streamline your experience

#OktFestSC is a cashless event, which means less waiting, faster ticketing and the best possible experience. Once you have bought your ticket — Create your Digital Wallet and top-up online before or during the Festival.

Step One:
Buy your event tickets

Depending on what ticket you buy, it may come pre-loaded with up to $99 credit.
Note: Pre-loaded credit is non-refundable.

Step Two:
Create A digital wallet

Our easy to wear Digital Wallet will be given to you upon arrival, it lets you tap and dance worry free.  No cash is required for entry, drinks or merchandise — leaving you free to have a ton of fun.

Step three:
Add refundable credit

Once the event is over, you have seven days to refund any credit you didn't spend. Note: This does not apply to the initial credit which comes with your General Admission ticket purchase.